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Welcome to PolyBilt - Industrial & Fire Vehicle Body Protection


If fuel economy, payload or downtime are important to you, see how easy it is to change to co-polymer PolyBilt bodies ……   PolyBilt’s lighter, stronger and more impact resistant than aluminium or GRP composites – we give a lifetime warranty and it’s 100% recyclable!

Strong enough to resist cracking and fatigue caused by constant movement, Polyprene, the material used in PolyBilt, is a specially formulated copolymer perfect for Fire Engine Body Protection, Industrial Vehicle Body Protection, and Other Fire Vehicle Body Protection and similar components. Polyprene vehicle bodies can be painted and repaired easily when damaged. Polyprene won't rust, corrode, crack, chip or peel and Polyprene welds are impervious to microbial attack.

PolyBilt has taken the features and benefits captured in the Polyprene tank and evolved the total solution for body construction. With the patented design of integrating a tank and a truck body, PolyBilt has captured the attention of vehicle users with impact resistance, lightweight design, superior strength, maximum storage with the elimination of wasted space, and a beautiful paint finish.

Body Strength - Polyprene shows high tensile strength, giving stronger physical properties in either high or low temperature applications. Polyprene is significantly stronger than fibreglass-based technologies, and ten times stronger than polyethylene.

Impact Resistant - Sledgehammer and bullet-tested; won't dent; absorbs impact energy; doesn't transfer collision forces to other components of the body, keeping repair costs to a minimum.

Heat Tolerant - Tests at 400º F for ten minutes showed no visible deformity.

Easy to Repair - Combining basic steel-welding and carpentry skills for easy repairs; simply cut out damaged part, splice and reweld. The repaired section is as strong as new.

Vehicle Finish - Polyprene can be painted for an excellent, reliable finish for years to come. Also, a five-year warranty is available from the paint manufacturer.

Recyclable - Totally recyclable at the end of its long life!

To find out more about this revolutionary new concept in bodying, call Anthony Collins or Adrian Wonham on 01483 506678 at John Dennis Coachbuilders, European agents for PolyBilt.